Common view and passion for details, natural materials and minimalism gathered our team under one brand.
Each unique story of Minshape product is created by our craftsmen in the small workshop
near the right coast of Neris river in Kaunas city, Lithuania.

Quality & Exclusivity

Our products are fully handmade, created and produced in Lithuania, Kaunas city. We use pure copper and carefully selected American Black Walnut wood core in combination with concrete. To ensure the highest quality and most attractive aesthetics, we use ultra high performance reinforced concrete mixture.

“Minshape” product elements and surfaces are protected with the highest quality agents to conserve the initial beauty.

Each product has its unique production number engraved on a small pure copper piece and placed at the bottom of every product.

Concrete mixture was developed in cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Department of Building Materials.

Kaunas University of Technology

Concrete production

„Minshape“ concrete elements are produced from ultra high performance reinforced concrete mixture, which allows products to be resistant to water, temperature changes, impact, etc. All these factors usually affect and damage typical simple concrete made only from cement, sand and water.

Demolded concrete parts are cured in high temperature to achieve the best charasteristics of our concrete. This way we can ensure the quickest possible delivery of our products. Fully cured concrete elements are sanded by hand prior sealing, to make the surface perfectly smooth.

Concrete surfaces are coated and protected by agents, which give additional protection from water and dirts. Protected surface remains natural, as these agents do not affect concrete natural aesthetics.

Copper finishing

We use pure copper metal in production. “Minshape” copper elements are sanded and mirror polished by hand using various abrasives and polishing compounds.

Mirror finished copper is beautiful, but very demanding surface to work with. We have developed special technology and use combination of different crystal clear agents to protect initial mirror finished copper beauty for years.

Mirror finished surface is precisely degreased and coated with extremely hard non visible clear coat, conserving and giving permanent protection from oxidation, abrasion and other negative factors, which usually affect the initial shiny appearance and beauty of copper.

American Black Walnut

„Minshape“ products wooden pieces are made of carefully selected American Black Walnut wood core. Each piece is sanded and finished by hand.

Walnut surface is protected with clear matt varnish, which does not affect the colour and aesthetics of walnut wood.