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Recommended products for business gifts:


Business gifts solutions

Business gifts

We make products which are ideal as high-end and exceptional business gifts. Check out our recommended products for business gifts from our current collection.

Production with your company logo

Any item from our collection can be marked and engraved with your company logo.

Individual design for your company

If you seek even more exclusivity, we can create unique design of any product. It will be produced for your company only and marked with your company logo.

Quality & Exclusivity

Our products are fully handmade, created and produced in Lithuania, Kaunas city. We use pure copper and carefully selected American Black Walnut wood core in combination with concrete. Each product marked with “Minshape” trademark has a unique production number placed at the bottom of every product (products marked with companies logos do not have production number plates).

Home accessories

Each element of “Minshape” product is protected with the highest quality agents to conserve its beauty. Concrete elements are sealed and protected from dirt and water with sealers certified as suitable for use on food contact surfaces. Copper surfaces are fully protected from tarnishing and oxidation with special crystal clear agent. Walnut wood is coated with matt varnish to protect it and keep the natural look of the wood.

Concrete mixture was developed in cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Department of Building Materials.

Kaunas University of Technology

More information and individual orders

If you need more information on our products or want to submit an individual order, please leave us a message by filling the form below or via email